display showerThe Display Bridal Shower

Have you thought about having a Display Bridal Shower? The wedding day is about two people joining together in commitment before their family and friends, but let’s face it – traditional bridal showers, complete with girlfriends, sisters, bridesmaids and the M.O.B. are all about the bride, right? Celebrating the beautiful bride-to-be with love and adoration, as she prepares for her new life with the one she loves most. But, as shower guests, what women love most about bridal showers is seeing all the shower gifts up close and personal!

A bridal shower, where the bride sits before her guests, unwrapping and opening shower gifts one-by-one, is one of the more traditional bridal shower ideas. These types of bridal showers are very common and sometimes can be a very long duration for guests to sit through. Here’s where the Display Shower, a new fun alternative in bridal shower ideas, can be a new and fun twist on the ordinary.

A Display Bridal Shower essentially puts the shower gifts on display for all to admire. So, how do these types of bridal showers work, exactly? Well, first off, the guest invitation for these types of bridal showers would indicate that there is going to be a Display Shower where gifts will be individually opened, out of their cozy boxes, to create an array of gifts for viewing purposes. The invitation would also need to instruct each guest to kindly bring an unwrapped gift with a note card attached to it, indicating the name of the person(s) the gift is from. As guests arrive, depending on how large a group you have invited, two to four friends, bridesmaids or family members would be assigned the task of taking each of the shower gifts and making a record of them (and their giver) on paper. From there, the gifts would be laid out on display on several clothed gift tables, perhaps adorned with some fresh flowers or other decorations, for all to “ooh and aah” over. It would be recommended that with duplicates of patterns in china, stemware and flatware, one place setting be set up, so as not to unnecessarily unwrap all of the identical, more delicate items.

These types of bridal showers are more like a bridal bath than a shower – the bride and her guests all having the opportunity to take time to bathe in the beauty of a colorful and exciting gift collection on parade.

Happy celebrating!



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