When planning a wedding you may want to think about what type of dinner you may want to have. Talk to the wedding reception venue about different options for your dinner service. For couples having a large amount of guests attending their wedding reception, you and your guests will benefit from a wedding seating chart.  If you are having a small, informal wedding or a stand up buffet, there is really no need for one.  There are a few options for seating charts:

  • Not having one at all
  • Assign guests to tables
  • Assign guests to specific seats

The most important thing is making sure your guests feel comfortable wherever they may be placed.  When possible, seat people so they know at least a few other guests at the table.  To encourage mingling, try mixing up the tables so that everyone knows a few people and will meet unfamiliar guests.  Seating guests according to their age and interests is also a good idea!

Avoid a singles table; this may make your guests feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Feel free to try your hand at matchmaking, however, try mixing them into tables so they have a fun time as well!

When using round tables, the traditional wedding etiquette is having males and females sit alternately.  If using a long table, seat couples across from each other and then alternate male and female along the table.  The tables closest to the Bride and Groom should be reserved for close friends and family.

There are a few options for the Head Table.  Traditionally the newlyweds will sit with the bridal party; however, a new trend is to have a romantic table for two.  Choose the one that works best for you!

Give each table a name or number to easily identify it by.  This will not only help guests locate their table easier, but will assist the servers when serving meals. On wedding invitations, make sure you note which guests want a certain entrée, then on their name card, think about labeling what type of meal they will be served. This will help the server greatly and food will be brought out faster!

Before starting the wedding seating chart, discuss the seating arrangements with your wedding reception venue.  Find out what types of tables they will be providing, how they will be arranged in the room, and how many people can sit at each table.  Once the chart is finished, make sure to give your reception hall or venue a copy so they can see where people are seated.

Planning the chart may be time consuming and may endure a number of revisions.  Luckily, software such as an Excel spreadsheet can save you time while organizing the wedding seat chart.  The electronic chart will save you stress for your big day by simplifying last minute changes!


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