A trending twist on the traditional flowered bouquet, is one made out of brooches!  This specific feature can be either a DIY or professionally made.  Start off by searching around your house and old antique shops for various brooches/pins that correlate with the theme of your wedding or say something that is reflective upon your personality. You can ask to borrow a brooch from a relative; this can be a great way to incorporate something borrowed, blue, new and old.  Once you have collected enough of the brooches to make a full bouquet (58-60 assorted sizes), head to your local craft store and purchase 22-gauge wire and floral tape.  Wrap the wire around the pin of the brooch and then cover the wire with the floral tape making sure you cover the sharp ends of the wire at the bottom.  Once all the brooches are completely covered in floral tape, you can assemble them in the arrangement in which you wish.  Play around and create various designs to see which one you like best, unlike flowers which are very delicate, these brooches will be able to be moved around without have the consequence of wilting or losing petals.  Once the arrangement is to your liking, take all the wires from each brooch and place them together, wrapping the floral tape around them tightly.  After that is complete, you can wrap silk ribbon, lace or any decorative fabric around the base of your bouquet.  This alternative is not only a unique and different way to approach the aspect of a bouquet, but it also can be preserved in pristine condition for years to come.


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