Honeymoon Cruise

Instead of just one location for your honeymoon, how about a two-week long adventure to multiple destinations? The latest trend for 2014 honeymoons is to make your honeymoon exciting by visiting multiple destinations instead of just one location. Think about including a 5-day cruise with your honeymoon, visit 2-3 locations within 4 days! This will allow you to sightsee many historic or tropical islands that you have been dying to check out! Visit another country like Spain or France for a more historical honeymoon but yet still romantic. You will be able to try different foods, learn about another culture, and visit some of the most beautiful locations on your relaxing, romantic honeymoon.

Imagine sailing off into the sunset with your groom in the middle of the ocean with the ocean breeze blowing in your hair. Taking a cruise can be a very romantic and eventful honeymoon. There are many different excursions that you are able to do from scuba diving to kayaking & snorkeling to swimming with the dolphins to a glass bottom boat tour and more! Each “port of call” offers many different excursions for you to choose from. Some excursions may be cultural tours, adventurous, relaxing or may be just sightseeing natures beauty.

Capri, Italy

Another great idea is traveling to a couple different countries. Travel to Capri, Italy for some sightseeing tours then visit the ancient Romans in Crete, Greece. Both countries offer a great romantic getaway. Venice or Rome in Italy are very historical with many sites to see before you leave, there are many spots for a romantic night or day at each location. Visiting another country on your honeymoon may be something that is for you.

Crete, Greece





Choosing a location for your honeymoon can be tough, there is so much you want to do and see. Meeting with a travel agent will be able to help you choose which location is best for you and create an itinerary for you. And make sure to pack all of your important items in your carry-on. Don’t forget to check out our honeymoon packing list here!


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