We all know that the wedding cake is probably one of the most important aspects of your wedding.  Your specific cake should directly reflect the style of both you and your fiancé, whatever they may be.  Finding out your baker doesn’t fulfill your needs or requirements after you have already committed, can be extremely detrimental to your happiness on your big day. Here are some top rated questions you should ask your baker before you book them to make your cake;

-Asking if your baker customizes wedding cakes is the most important question you can ask. Although this list is not in any type of sequential order, this question should be number one when interviewing potential bakers. If a baker doesn’t customize wedding cakes, but you want to book them, you may want to think about customized wedding cake toppers with either both of your initials or personalized replica, bride and groom toppers.  (Great website for personalized cake toppers, you can actually pick hair and eye color! http://www.clayfigurines.com/)

-Another important question to ask your baker is what your filling options are.  Choosing the appropriate filling for your cake is greatly influenced by venue of your wedding (Outside, inside, winter, summer/spring wedding)  If your baker does not offer the specific filling that corresponds with your needs, it’s not worth the risk of malfunction on your wedding day.

-Asking how far in advance your baker prepares your cake is also another good question when interviewing your potential baker.  3-4 days in advance is normal for wedding cakes to be made but the closer to your wedding day the better.

-The specifics of how your  wedding cake will be delivered is another good question to consider asking.  Some bakeries don’t deliver and have you pick it up the same day as your wedding.

-Finding out if your baker is licensed is key when completing the interview process.  This may sound like a trivial question to ask a baker, but you should make sure that they are licensed by the state health department.



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