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On your wedding day you need to make sure that when it comes to capturing the moment, that your videographer is up to par.  Here is a list of questions you should ask your videographer before the big day arrives.

-This may sound like a very basic question to ask but for your peace of mind, make sure you know just how long your videographer has been filming weddings.  Don’t be fooled by the ones who claim they have done other various type of video recording, these people tend to be fairly novice when it comes to filming a wedding in comparison to other types of events.  You want to really make sure your videographer has some experience under their belt, don’t be afraid to ask to see an example of their work so you can get a good

feel for the type of filming they do.

-Clarify whether or not your videographer will charge a travel fee. If so, make sure it is clearly stated in your contract so that you won’t be surprised with hidden travel fees.

-Contracts are always a must when it comes to your big day, make sure your videographer will sign a contract.  This is to ensure that both parties are represented fairly and essentially designed to protect both parties.

-Another important question to ask your videographer is exactly what format you will be receiving your wedding day film upon.  Some older cameras still operate on VHS, which is horribly outdated nowadays.  Make sure you get a videographer that uses DVD as a medium at least.  Blu-Ray may be an optimal choice since you won’t need to worry about updating it in the future.

-Clarify exactly how much each copy of your wedding video will cost and the estimated time of delivery after your wedding day.  If it outrageously high you can always make copies from the DVD you received, it just is a hassle to do it yourself.  If 6 months pass and you still have yet to receive any formatting of your video whatsoever, then its time to put to good use your contract.

-Make sure that your videographer and other vendors correspond with one another.  This may sound like a trivial request but for example if your videographer and DJ are in communication with one another, when it comes time to have your first dance as man and wife, your wedding video wont sound muffled over because your videographer will know exactly what amplitude your DJ will be broadcasting in so he can attune his machine accordingly.



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