Having a destination wedding involves having the ceremony and reception at a vacation location, away from the bride and grooms hometown.  This has become a very popular trend amongst wedding in the last couple years due to the fact that it’s a hip alternative that not only allows the couple to incorporate their adventurous side of their honeymoon but also incorporate that into their ceremony too.  Many destination weddings involve just the eloping couple.  Others include close friends and family members while some still opt for a full scale wedding with multiple parties held when they return.  Is a destination wedding really right for you? Here are the pros and cons to help you make your decision for your big day;


-Most resorts and tourism organizations have monitored this ever growing trend and deemed it very lucrative to their business. Because of high word of mouth, most resorts will try and ease the stress of wedding planning by providing packages that include a wedding coordinator that will help you and act as a consultant in all the essential details for ceremony.  (If a wedding consultant is not provided it is highly suggested that your hire one before you start on this endeavor.) Make sure to talk to your provided wedding consultant about organizing various activities for your guests to engage in for the duration of their stay.

-By having a destination wedding, in turn lends itself to having a smaller guest list.  You can avoid the feeling of being obligated to invite people you just can’t stand, or an in-law that everyone fights with.  Just invite your closest of family and friends.  This way no hard feeling will be had and the drama will be greatly decreased.

-Ultimately you will spend less money because 200 guests won’t be attending your reception. Spending a luxurious wedding weekend in a dramatic location can often cost less than a seated dinner at a fancy wedding reception site.  Remember wedding etiquette calls for the bride and groom to pay for their guests hotel rooms along with most of the guests expenses at the wedding. (airfare is the one thing that guests are expected to pay for)

– Another pro to having your wedding in an exotic location is there is an automatic excuse to go back to your destination 10,15,20 years down the road in your marriage.  Not only will it beat having your honeymoon at a Bed and Breakfast close to home, this way you can have a trip of a lifetime that will provided you with valid reason to return.  Make sure and check with your wedding site about offers they give to newly weds.  Sometimes resorts will give discounts to those returning to their estate as part of their anniversary package.

Planning a wedding long distance while avoiding legal red tape can be quite tricky. For those couples who aren’t planning to have their wedding at a resort, you might run into complications trying to plan things over the phone such as licenses, florists, photographers and various venues.  Be sure and remember that if you do hold your wedding in a foreign country or even another state, complications may arise when trying to obtain a valid marriage license.

-Keep in mind that not everyone you invite will be able to come.  Particularly in far-away locations, some guests may not be able to attend due to travel expenses, taking off of work, medical conditions or if they have young children.   Be sure and talk to those who are truly essential to your wedding before you book tickets and send invitations.

-Most couples are deterred away from the thought of having a destination wedding due to the fact that they wont be able to have enough alone time.  Sure you are in a beautiful place but running into your guests at breakfast can really put a damper on the romantic mood.  Make sure and plan various activities for your guests or if there is a nearby resort book their rooms there, rather then at the same hotel.  This way you can still pop over and visit while still keeping your distance and the romance alive.



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