Your wedding day is perfect, the biggest and most memorable day of your life! It is impossible to please everyone all the time, but some guests still nitpick about the wedding invitations, wedding songs, the wedding venue, and even the wedding flowers! There are some ideas to keep in mind so you will have fewer complaints from your wedding guests!

The DJ that you choose for your entertainment is often the culprit of a few complaints.  Frequent problems include the volume being up too loud, or that the DJ was obnoxious and did not play any good wedding music.  Ask friends and family or wedding planners to recommend a list of great DJs that will make your wedding memorable.  Moving tables and chairs away from the speakers once the dancing begins is also a good idea!

Criticism about speeches being too long or unable to be heard is easily fixed.  The wedding DJ will work with the speech-givers to show them how to operate the microphone and speak into it so that all can hear the speech.

Grumble about guests not knowing anyone at their table can be easily avoided.  Placing people with others who have the same interests will be a good way for guests to mingle with each other.  For more information on seating charts, view the Wedding Seating Charts article.

Standing for a long time in the receiving line can be tedious for some guests.  Remember that it is only required that the bride and groom and their parents greet guests after the ceremony.  The newlyweds should consider visiting each table for a quick ‘hello’ when they are at the wedding reception venue.

A common problem is out-of-town guests having nowhere to go in between the ceremony and wedding reception if there is a long wait between the two.  If it is not possible to have the ceremony and wedding reception an hour or so apart, consider having relatives or close friends invite those guests to their house for a light snack.  The wedding reception venue may even open their doors earlier for such guests if asked in advance.

Wedding centerpieces may also cause a few grumbles, especially if they are very tall.  Guests want to be able to talk to the other side of the table which is not always possible with tall centerpieces.  Choose a shorter wedding centerpiece so guests can converse easier!

Finally, make sure you thank your guests for coming to celebrate your new marriage and for any wedding gifts they may have given.  When guests aren’t thanked they will feel unappreciated, so split the list with your husband and write your thank-you notes together!


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