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A great keepsake that you will want to cherish many years down the road will be your wedding video. Your wedding video will capture every aspect of your wedding, including the ceremony and reception, but will you want to break it out on your 5yr anniversary?

Is it that boring? There are many wedding videographers out there that are starting new trends with the wedding video.

Have your videographer record you while you are getting ready and then ask him/her to record your groom getting ready. Many couples are giving gifts to each other before the ceremony, recording each of you while opening up your present or reading a letter may be something you want to add to your video. Watching your reaction later on as you read that special letter or open up your present right before you marry your hubby will bring back those emotions like it was yesterday.

Create a short movie clip of your wedding that was edited that day and present it to your guests at your reception. The videographer will tape you getting ready and the ceremony. Then ask to create a short video clip of your wedding. The clip is represented as a trailer to your wedding video.

Do you have a proposal video? Make sure you have added it to your wedding video as a keepsake to remember each event: the proposal, getting ready, the ceremony and the reception.

Bring together everyone in your wedding, including your guests to be in your wedding music video! Make a music video of your favorite song and include each individual in your wedding video. It’s a great momentum for when you want to dig out your wedding video. Memories will be flooding back!

Share your love story on video. Retell your story on camera from the moment you met to what emotions and excitement you are feeling leading up to the big day.

Remember those memories and reminisce about your big day, don’t watch your wedding video until your 1st or 5th anniversary. It will make your video more special and mean so much more to you. You will be able to relive your big day and bring back the excitement for years to come.

Try not to have a wedding video that is boring or you will want to turn it off and bury it so no one will find it. Add both of your personalities to it to make it more meaningful to you and your husband!


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