You may be thinking about who will play the best role as your maid of honor, will it be a sister, a cousin, a best friend? I know that there may be some pressure from the candidates of maid of honor but you should choose the person who is closest to you. Which candidate has the best qualities for the job? First, let’s talk about what maid of honor roles are in your wedding: attend the wedding dress shopping, host and plan the bridal shower, plan the bridal shower games, give you moral support during the planning process, help you choose the bridesmaid dresses, if you need help choosing the wedding colors, make sure to keep a running list of what you have received at the bridal shower, hold the grooms ring during the ceremony, hold your bouquet during the exchange of vows, give a toast after the best man and much more.

Make sure your MOH will be able to handle these responsibilities. It is very important to keep the wedding organized to reduce less stress for the bride. If you are having difficulty choosing your maid of honor be sure to take a look at the list of responsibilities and see who deserves the role. Remember, you do not have to choose a family member; the maid of honor can be a close friend. As long as the maid of honor is helping you out and enjoying the wedding planning there will be no problems. This is your wedding; do not feel pressured to choose someone who will not be willing to adhere to your expectations. Also, make sure to let your maid of honor know what you expect and what you have in mind.

Good luck!


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