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Congratulations on your marriage! Now is the time to begin the last name change process. Be sure to begin the process after your honeymoon, your passport must have the same last name as your traveling documents. The name change process is a few steps that will include paperwork and some of your time!

First, make sure to have your certified marriage license. You will need to obtain the marriage license that includes the seal with your new last name on it. You will need to call the office where you filled out the marriage license information to receive the certified license if it was not mailed to you. To change your name on your social security card you will need to fill out the application that is available on the Social Security Administration website. Once the form is mailed out you will receive your new social security card in the mail within 7-10 business days.

Next, you will need to go to the DMV to change your last name on your driver’s license. Make sure you bring identification papers with you including your certified marriage license and new social security card. If you will be having joint bank accounts, make sure to bring your driver’s license and marriage license with you to your local bank branch. Don’t forget to request new debit and credit cards with your new name.


Once you have changed your name on your social security card and driver’s license, getting your name changed on credit card statements, utility bills, payroll, insurance statements, doctors, etc. should only take a phone call.


Be sure to change your last name in a timely manner after the honeymoon, some companies may require a certain number of days to update your information.


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