different bridesmaid stylesIt is an honor to have your friends and family stand by you on your wedding day. Finding a gown that is flattering for all of your bridesmaids can be a process. By choosing a color that is one of your wedding colors and having your girls pick out their own gowns with that color, is the perfect way to make sure each bridesmaid is happy and comfortable. This allows your bridesmaids to show off their own unique style but still have similarity in your bridal party.


Provide a budget that is not too pricey, since each bridesmaid will be buying their own gown. Give the girls some direction on what you would like the gown length to be, long gowns are more formal, whereas, knee lengths are more casual. When looking for accessories to match the gown, find some pieces that are within the budget and don’t forget to ask for each maid’s advice. It is important to let each bridesmaid give their opinion. Use our advice to ensure your maid’s be comfortable and happy for your wedding day!


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