You may be thinking “how can I have stress on my honeymoon“? After all the planning you did for the wedding and honeymoon, you need time to relax! But, when you’re on your honeymoon you will have so many things planned that it’s all go, go, go!

Take our advice and don’t rush off to your honeymoon the next morning after your wedding. Take a couple days before you leave to catch up on some sleep. Once you arrive at your honeymoon destination, sightseeing is all that you will want to do, but don’t stress out, take it easy and enjoy the time together. Make sure you have planned your days out beforehand but don’t go overboard! Plan your days so that they are eventful, yet enjoyable, not too many activities in one day.

Also, remember to respect one another’s interests. If your husband wants to go hiking or be adventurous and kayak, but you don’t want to, I’d say do it anyway. It is the time spent together and the memories that you will be making worth all the more while. It’s not everyday that you will be hiking trails near a volcano in beautiful Hawaii!

Your honeymoon is a relaxing time that you get to spend with one another, use that time to enjoy each other’s company before it’s over and reality sinks in!


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