Have you ever received a wedding invitation that didn’t outright tell you what to wear to the wedding? Here are some hints to look for on the invitation:

  • If the invitation looks formal, such as cream with black script, the affair is most likely black tie. Guests should then wear their best formal attire.
  • When the wording on the invitation is more playful, the wedding will probably be more casual, therefore guests should look for a casual dress outfit.
  • If their wedding is a destination wedding like somewhere tropical, guests will want to wear something breezy and light. High heels are not a good idea on the sand for the ladies.
  • A wedding located at a country club will be a dressy affair, so make sure your outfit is classy and tailored.

An afternoon wedding will most likely be a more casual event while an evening wedding will be dressier.  Evening weddings should have darker colors worn to them, while afternoon weddings are mostly just lighter colors.  Guests should never wear all white (to prevent from upstaging the bride), jeans, anything torn or with holes, and anything too revealing.  Women should bring a wrap or sweater to a religious ceremony in order to not offend anyone while wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress.


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