The tradition of the wedding cake first started in the Roman Empire with the breaking of a loaf of bread over the bride’s head.

Our modern wedding cake was created at the start of the 20th century with tiers and sugar paste frosting.  Wedding cakes are typically white to symbolize purity and the cutting of the cake is to symbolize the bride and groom’s first joint task in married life.

With your cake being one of the major highlights of your wedding, it will look spectacular and taste wonderful.  The most popular wedding cake flavors are lemon, vanilla, chocolate, spice, and carrot.  You are not limited to just these flavors however; you and your fiancé can choose your favorite one!  The bakery will help you choose a texture, filling, and icing that will complement each other.

The cake is not only dessert, but also an important wedding décor item. The wedding cake should be placed in a strategic location for all of the guests to see.  Some popular options are placing the cake in the middle of the dance floor before the newlywed’s first dance or placing it in a corner with a spotlight on it.

Decorating your wedding cake table does not need to be time consuming or expensive.  A simple lace tablecloth would be appropriate as well as a length of tulle.  Your wedding venue staff may also have a few creative ideas to ensure that your cake stands out.  If you decide to place it on the dance floor, be sure to clean up any icing that may fall!

If you happen to be a dessert fanatic, consider having a dessert bar at your reception with the wedding cake as the wedding centerpiece.  If one big cake is not your thing, place a single-tiered cake that serves 8-10 people as the wedding centerpiece on guest tables.  Serving cupcakes instead of cake is an option that has become popular as well.


For décor options on dressing up your wedding cake table, see our photo gallery of linens by Best Dressed Table.


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