Picture this, you are greeting guests, slipping off your wedding shoes to prevent any callused feet, stepping onto the dance floor, and singing with your family, friends, and husband while dancing to the YMCA. This sounds like a typical, fun wedding to attend, but wait? Every wedding needs food to fuel their energy for the next dance, right? Well, now that we have that covered, after dancing and singing to about four songs, would you rather sit or stand? This is something to consider when it is time to eat at your wedding reception. Do you prefer a sit down dinner or a buffet style dinner? Would you rather eat and mingle or wait in a line? The choice is yours.





Both a sit down and a buffet have their pros and cons:

What is so nice about a sit down dinner?
– Faster way to eat and get the party started!
– Formal
– A chance to mingle with your guests

What is not so nice about a sit down dinner?
– They tend to feel stuffy and long
– Guests may not like the food choice
– There is a chance that the party may die down after having been sitting for awhile

What is so nice about a buffet dinner?
– Flexibility with food options for guests who may have certain dietary needs
– While waiting to grab food, you and your guests can mingle and continue to dance
– Quicker way to grab food and eat right away
– You can choose whether to have long buffet lines or stations

What is not so nice about a buffet dinner?
– The line! ( The line may take forever)
– More expensive than sit down dinners
– Less formal
– Waiting for the empty tray of food to be refilled

So, what do you think? Is a sit down dinner more your style of eating or a buffet dinner? Whichever you choose is based solely on you and your fiancé’s decision. If you happen to be a little torn between the two, then combine them. Huh? Combine a sit down with a buffet. For example, have a mini buffet bar with various cocktails and alcoholic beverages while having a sit down dinner.

Create a combination! Just be sure to keep the party going! Do not stress out so much about the dinner style, it is your wedding and however you want to eat is up to you!


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