Your wedding bouquet is probably one of the most precious and most delicate items involved in your wedding.  So after the big day is over, what will become of your lovely flowers?  Here are some different ways to preserve your delicate flowers long after your wedding is over.  There are mainly three methods to the preservation of wedding day bouquets.

-The first method involves a silica gel to preserve your flowers.  This specific treatment involves a quick-drying treatment followed by immersing the flowers in a silicone, sand-like solution.  Flowers will keep their shape because this method does not require them to be flattened.  Using the silicon method will ensure a lifetime of preserved flowers, however, take into consideration that some of the various colors in your bouquet may be altered. Be sure to keep in mind when using the silicone method of preserving flowers that changes in color may occur after the drying process is complete.  This treatment can be done at home as a DIY project using a kit found at your local craft store or it can be done professionally by a florist.  Be sure to do your research when opting for a professional silicone dryer, not all flower shops are equipped for this type of drying.

-Another alternative to the preservation of your wedding bouquet is pressing.  This traditional method to drying flowers has been around for centuries. This particular technique can be done by a professional or at home as well.  If you choose to dry your flowers using the pressing method, be sure that the flowers are hung upside down for at least 3 days before you begin.  When taking your bouquet to a professional, make sure you know the specifics on how they will press your flowers.  Some professionals will cut the flowers in half or not use all of their petals.  If this is something you don’t want, make sure to notify your florist before hand.

 – The third method to preserving your bouquet is the process of freeze-drying.   This specific technique is normally only done by professionals in order to yield the most life-like results.  The process begins with professionals spraying the blooms with a starch solution to ensure that the flowers maintain the vibrancy of their colors.  The flowers are then placed in a freeze-dryer to “bake”, which essentially is just removing the moisture out of your precious blooms, but keeping them from wilting.

All of these methods allow for one’s bouquet to be beautifully preserved in glass domes, shadow boxes, frames, etc.  However, freeze-drying is the only technique that provides open arrangements which can be completely exposed and do not need a protective covering.

Here are a few tips you should consider when taking the step of preserving your bouquet:

  • Be sure to do research on the company you are taking your flowers to, it helps to ask your florist if they have any recommendations if they personally cannot perform your specific procedure.
  • Ask your florist which process of conservation will work best with your selected flowers. This is important because not all flowers can be freeze-dried.
  • Keep your flowers in a cool dry place until they are ready to be preserved.  Make sure to keep your bouquet from being submerged in water.
  • Remember that no method of preservation will ever compare to the look of fresh flowers, but it’s a close second.

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