There is a lot of detail that goes into the overall planning and decorating in ones wedding.  Here are just a few DIY ideas that can make your wedding memorable.

-Hanging Rose Votive

Start by searching your local craft store for glass votive candle holders.  Be sure and select ones that are transparent and have an upper lip to them.  Once you have selected the specific style of candle holder you want, decide how you want them to be spaced throughout your ceremony/reception and base the number you buy off of your calculations. Find silk roses in a color that correlates with the theme of your wedding along with matching silk ribbon.  Fill the glass votives with water and place the silk rose into them.  Make sure to have at least ¼ inch of the rose exposed out of the water.  You don’t want to completely immerse the flower into the water this could cause it to turn upside-down or move from its original position. Cut and tie various lengths of ribbons and wrap it around the lip of your votive.  Make a complete full circle and then position the ribbon that your votive will be level while hanging. If you have to, hot glue your ribbon into place to ensure it stays the way you want it to throughout the night.  Hang them from rafters or sturdy centerpieces to add an extra flare to your wedding.

Optional: A day or two before your wedding, you can make these gorgeous hanging votives with real roses but make sure you don’t make them too soon otherwise the roses will wilt (roses wilt faster when emerged almost completely into water).  The only hassle is allotting the time sure to make them without being rushed.


-Rose Petal Cones

These paper cones not only add décor to your ceremony but also engages your guests in a heartfelt activity at the end of your vows.  Start off by choosing if you want your paper cones made by professionals, whom can personalize them with your initials, date, a poem..etc. or if you want to make them yourself. Remember you can fill these with anything that has meaning to you and your husband! It does not have to be just rose petals, they can be filled with seeds, confetti, pieces of paper with inspirational thoughts/quotes, tiny rhinestones, you name it (just make sure you are comfortable with whatever is being tossed at you as you make your way back down the aisle). If you opt for choosing a professional, make sure to specify what color you want the font for your inscription  as well as the color of paper its being printed on.  If you choose to DIY start off with colored paper that corresponds with the color scheme of your wedding.  Cut out a complete circle and twist it into a cone hot gluing or placing tape on the inside of the cone, connecting both pieces.

Once you have either received your cones back from the manufacture or completed making them, figure out how you want them to be placed so that they are readily available to your guests.  Hanging them on the back of chairs or having a basket full of them as soon as you walk in, are all good ideas for placement.  Make sure you have a sign stating that these cones are used while you both are making your way back down the aisle, as man and wife, not when you are first approaching the altar.  These cones make for a fun and unique way to celebrate the start of your new life together planning and decorating in ones wedding.


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