Is it in your wedding budget to spend a lot of money on a wedding photographer? Many people will answer “yes” to this question, and while they are usually right, it may also be a good wedding idea to have disposable cameras on each table at the wedding reception venue.

Often, the wedding photographer will get excellent shots of the bride and groom, the immediate family, décor, and the ceremony.  However, sometimes the newlywed’s friends will be missed by the photographer.

This is why having disposable cameras located on each table are a good wedding idea; you will be able to see that everyone had a good time at your wedding.  The disposable cameras are even able to be customized to fit the wedding theme!

Guests will be able to take many different types of pictures, from posed to candid shots. The guests should be asked to leave the cameras on the table or drop them into a box or basket once they are done using them. This ensures that the bride and groom will have every camera which they are able to get developed.

Have a friend send the cameras to be printed by mail-order; there is a good chance they will be waiting for you when you return from your honeymoon. Some you may enjoy more than the wedding photos!

A fun option would be giving the guests an assignment, such as incorporating their table number card into every picture. Get creative!


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