In most traditions concerning weddings, it is customary that the top tier of the wedding cake be saved and eaten one year later, on ones first anniversary.  This may sound like a difficult task and one that will ultimately lead to eating a piece of freezer burned cake, however if you follow the correct procedure for sealing your wedding cake, you can avoid consuming a stale dessert on your anniversary.  Before your actually wedding day, go out to your local baker or even home goods store and find a plastic container with an airtight lid.  On the day of your big day, make sure and designate a person to save the top portion of your cake as soon as the cutting begins.  Be sure to set aside your cake topper, seeing how this can be used for decoration on your 1st anniversary.  To ensure that your cake won’t have a stale taste, make sure that you cover the cake board with tin foil. Place your cake in the freezer until the icing becomes stiff, roughly about 20min to 3 hours dependant upon your particular frosting.  Next generously, wrap your cake in plastic wrap.  Try and avoid having any air pockets.  Wrap a second layer of plastic wrap around your cake and heed to the same instructions as previously stated.  After your cake is fully covered in two layers of plastic wrap, coat the cake in two layers of tin foil.  Now you are ready to place your cake in the air tight container that you purchased and place the delectable sweet in the freezer to be enjoyed on your 1st anniversary.

If the idea of eating a piece of year old cake doesn’t quite appeal to you, an other alternative is to consult with your baker to make a detailed description of your cakes fillings, frosting, batter etc. and have a replica made one year later.


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